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Our Story

EnlitenAI is a story of love and passion.

EnlitenAI is a founder’s tribute to his son whom he lost recently and for the millions of others who suffer from this dreadful ailment. His 20+yrs of life experiences in dealing with drug resistant epilepsy has been the key driving force behind EnlitenAI. The team decided to leverage their professional experiences in Computational Sciences and Digital technologies to build an AI platform to address unmet needs in the space of seizure management.


AI Engine for Insightful Care

We gather real world evidence to create personalized insights leading to immense potential for data monetization

Our team

Our team is extremely passionate and highly driven. Our team comprises members with extensive experience in building Digital Platforms, leveraging Data Science/AI and a great understanding of regulatory compliance and clinical development.


Dr. Himanshu Misra

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Digital Health Entrepreneur with deep domain knowledge in Seizure management and Computational Sciences/AI/HPC


Dr. Paul Garcia

Chief Medical Advisor

Professor at UCSF Neurology. Renowned Epileptologist focused on improving the diagnosis and treatment of people with hard-to-treat epilepsy.


Abhiroop Gandhi

Chief Operating Officer

Biopharma Business executive with extensive knowledge of risk management, global regulatory structure and clinical development


Sreeman Nanduri

Chief Technology Officer

Sreeman Nanduri is a results-driven Healthcare leader with progressive experience spanning product management, technology and strategy.


Dr. Wei Fan

Chief , Data Science

Dr Fan is a highly accomplished business executive and technologist with over 20yrs experience in AI, Data Analytics and Big Data R&D.

Testimonials By Industry Experts


"Data-driven artificial intelligence technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way seizure treatment is optimized. Faster antiepileptic medication titrations based on the management of clinical and subclinical information will lead to faster and better mitigation of drug-averse and common epilepsy"

Dr. Pauzaskie


It is very helpful that EnlitenAI is developing their solution with the full ecosystem in mind, the patient/caregiver, the Neurologist, and Pharma.

Ben Walker

Always looking out for you

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