Unlocking Innovation Nationwide: A Testimonial from EnlitenAI (Dr. Himanshu Misra ), Innosphere Life Sciences Graduate Company


At EnlitenAI, our journey began with a deeply personal mission: to revolutionize seizure management after the heartbreaking loss of our beloved son to epilepsy. Founded in February 2021, our vision was clear but our path forward was less defined. That's when we found Innosphere Ventures.


Navigating the complex landscape of digital healthcare required more than just a great idea—it demanded guidance, mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem. In August 2021, we embarked on a search for an accelerator program that could match our global ambitions and diverse team. After careful consideration, we chose Innosphere, and it's a decision we've never regretted.


Here's why: 


Streamlined Process: From the outset, Innosphere stood out with its well-structured screening questionnaire, which immediately resonated with our needs. 

Speedy Response: Unlike other programs with lengthy waiting periods, Innosphere impressed us with their quick turnaround time. Within days, we were engaged in a meaningful dialogue with their Mentor Leadership team. 

Professional Engagement: The interview session with Mentor Leaders like Ben Walker was a pivotal moment. It wasn't just about being shortlisted; it was about receiving invaluable insights and suggestions to enhance our market positioning. 

Comprehensive Program: Innosphere's accelerator program was a revelation. Each week brought focused discussions on critical healthcare themes, coupled with personalized mentorship sessions tailored to our needs.

Expansive Ecosystem: Through Innosphere, we gained access to a vast network of industry experts—from regulatory advisors to neurologists within the UCHealth system—who provided invaluable guidance and support. 

Strategic Partnerships: Through Innosphere's connections, we forged strategic relationships with UCHealth and successfully applied for state grants, opening doors to further opportunities.

Clinical Validation: Perhaps most importantly, Innosphere facilitated a proof of concept clinical study, validating our solution and propelling us forward with confidence.


But beyond the program itself, what truly sets Innosphere apart is the enduring relationships it fosters. Even after graduating almost two years ago, we continue to benefit from our connection with Innosphere, whether it's through ongoing support or assistance in crucial interviews and staffing.


As we continue our journey of growth and impact, we are proud to carry the badge of an Innosphere alumni. EnlitenAI's success is inextricably linked with the support and guidance we received from Innosphere, and we look forward to the continued partnership as we strive to make a difference in healthcare.


Do you want to be a part of our 2024 Life Sciences Program? Visit Innosphere Ventures


Ben Walker & Dr. Himanshu Misra


(Pictured Ben Walker & Dr. Himanshu Misra )


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